Experience Bhutan Trekking  with us.

Bhutan  trekking routes are some of the best  in the world. Bhutan has always fascinated the insatiate traveler with its rugged beauty, a living Buddhist culture, and friendly people. From relatively easy 2-day Bumdra trek  to the formidable 24-day Snowman trek route, the country offers its unique geography to the thirst of those with tough legs and sinewy guts. A cross-country trek will take you through the extreme bounties of nature: thick evergreen forests, undulating hills and vertical cliffs, bald and snowcapped mountain tops, deep ravines and gorges, gentle valleys and foothills.

Most trekking routes start at the temperate region and run through alpine regions covering a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. We have a team of experienced and highly skilled trekking guides. Experience and skills are indeed essential for anyone daring to trek in Bhutan because most high-altitude routes are not well-defined trails, and therefore, only a seasoned guide can lead the trekker(s).

We have intimate knowledge of the trekking routes and skills of a seasoned trekker. We value our sixth sense while traversing the challenges of a real trek.
Yak stresses on green trekking as part of responsible tourism. This means we hike with zero damage to the natural environment. We just leave the footprints and nothing else. Our Trekking Team cleans the camp sites just we set out for the next destination.


Bumdra Trek

Trek Duration: 2 Days

This is a shortest Bhutan trekking route which is for 2 days, starting from Sangchekhor Monastery and ending at the base of the Tiger’s Nest. It provides a great view of the Paro valley and is romantic in the sense that hikers can soak in the gorgeous sunsets over the mountains of Haa. It also provides for an interesting cliff-face pilgrimage site and one can look at all the chapels above Taktshang Monastery

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trekking in bhutan-Jele Dzong

Tsaluna Trek

Trek Duration: 4 Days

The Tsaluna Trek is also one of the short Bhutan trekking routes, a moderate, four-day trek. This trek is popular with those who wish to do a shorter version of the Druk Path trek and also features an in-depth cultural tour. The trek offers beautiful views as you cross the chain of mountains that separate the Paro and Thimphu valleys. This route is also famous for its spectacular rhododendron forests and wonderful high altitude lakes abundant with fish.

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Bhutan Trekking

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Trek Duration: 5 days

This is a short Bhutan trekking route for 5 days near Thimphu, to a large number of lovely high altitude lakes. The Trek is easy and most trekking days are short but there are some long steep climbs. It starts from Khoma (near Thimphu) and ends in Chamgang, Thimphu. The highest point is 4300 Meters. Trekking amidst the picturesque lakes, one will be treated with stunning views.

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Druk Path Trek

Trek Duration: 5 Days

This is a very popular 5 days Bhutan Trekking route and goes to high altitudes and is moderately strenuous. The Trek route passes through some beautiful high altitude lakes. You can come across diverse flora as you pass through the ridge of the Mountain and you can see the beautiful view of the Himalayas around. It starts from Paro near the National Museum and ends in Motithang, Thimphu. The highest point is 4110 Meters.

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Soi Yaktsa

Yaktsha Trek

Trek Duration: 7 Days

This Beautiful Bhutan trekking route is a very popular, passing through Jangothang and the base of Mount Jumolhari. The starting point is Shana and ends in Shana, Paro. The Trek Route passes through some of the beautiful high passes and the Yak Herders’ camp. You can see some of the most spectacular sceneries of the Higher Himalayas including Jichu Drake (6662 meters).

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Jomolhari Trek

Jumolhari Trek (Round Trek)

Trek Duration: 8 Days

This is a classic and beautiful 8-day Bhutan Trekking program starting from (Drukgyal Dzong) Paro and end at Dodena near Thimphu. The route passes through two high passes from Jangothang. The view of Jumolhari Mountain (7314 M) from Jangothang is spectacular.  This Trek is strenuous and is very popular. The highest point is 4700 M. The walk is through country side of Paro.

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Laya Gasa Trek

Laya Gasa Trek

Trek Duration: 12 Days

This Bhutan trekking route is for 12-days and is an extension of the Jumolhari Round Trek. The route offers opportunities to see various flora and fauna including a good chances to spot Blue Sheep, Takins and the Blue Poppy. It introduces you to the unique culture of the Layap people who are the Nomadic people of Upper Himalayas bordering Tibet. On the last day, we halt at a natural hot spring in Gasa. It is a popular Trek. Highest point is 4115 Meter.

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snowman trek

Snowman Trek

Trek Duration: 24 Days

The Snowman Trek is the longest and most difficult Bhutan Trekking route which is an extension of the beautiful Laya Gasa Trek and leads from Laya into high altitudes of the Bhutanese Himalayas. IT IS ONE OF THE TOP 10 TOUGHEST TREKS IN THE WORLD. The Trek duration is 24 days, starts from Shana in Paro and ends in Nikachu, Trongsa.

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While on Trek, the cost covers:

  • Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division (NRED) nu.1000
  • 3 meals a day,
  • Service of cook & Helper, Guide, Sleeping Tent,
  • Mess Tent, Kitchen Tent & Toilet Tent,
  • Ponies to carry supplies,
  • Royalty.
  • We will provide you with sleeping mats but you have to bring your own sleeping bags.

Optional Items to bring for trekking in Bhutan:

  • Sunglasses and head gear
  • Folding umbrella (only for wet months — July and August)
  • One towel, pillow case and pillow.
  • Wet-packed tissue paper.

Things to bring for a trek in Bhutan:

  • Personal clothing: strong normal clothing (according to season). Preferably cotton, even for summer, woolen clothing for the evening and winter.
  • Strong comfortable trekking boots – water-resistant for the rainy period-June-August.
  • Sunscreen
  • Flash light
  • Rain coat (especially for rainy period –June-August)
  • Head gear/hat/cap; sun and rain protection
  • Water pills – for extra caution in purifying stream; (boiled water is provided at all times during the trek)
  • Aspirin – incase of altitude sickness
  • Lots of socks
  • Warm clothes.

Our Clients’ Feedback on Bhutan Trekking

Dear Sithar.

All is well and we are safely home.

Many thanks for good treks. Bhutan trek with Yak Holidays was excellent. Sithar Tamang is a good manager-owner, very helpful, insightful and has good experience, Bhutan and with Jomohari trek and other treks, as well.

Our guide, Nima Wangchuk Sherpa, was expert. Nima guided us with skill that comes only from many years experiences.  Nima is the recommended guide.

By the way, Nima has 5 Snowman Treks with 3 successful completed Snowman treks with clients.  (trekkers, my age have completed Snowman trek with Nima.) We have good memories of Nima as our trekking guide, as well as Cultural tours guide.

For Cultural Tours:  Nima knows all things, Cultural. He took us to the Thimphu Thechu before our trek, (thanks Sithar) Jomolhari festival on trek. We visited Dzong after Dzong before and after including the National Memorial Chorten, Giant Buddha above Thimphu, Paper factory, Traditional Medicine Institute, Takin Zoo, Arts and Crafts, and many other visits as well. Nima is wonderful cultural guide. He knows so much and can answer all questions.

Our itinerary was much the same as planned…. except for 1st day….we went to Thimphu Festival (Tshechu). Then, back to Tiger’s Nest for a morning hike then, start of Jomolhai trek at 3/4 way down road from the old Dzong.

All went well at Tiger’s Nest and on first part of trek for most of us…… on our way up through forest and jungle, it was very nice easy trek to Tantanka Camp for me, as it was for most of us.

Clients’-Feedback-on-Bhutan-TrekkingOur Trekking Story:

“One,” of our trekkers had trouble climbing on the trail and decided to leave the trek after the 1st “strenuous” day.  The rest of us continued on up to Jomolhari Base Camp, a very easy walk, where we enjoyed, and hot shower. (Wonderful HOT SHOWER).  Jomolhari BC is a very beautiful place with the best view of Jomolhari Mt… @13k ft.. I took much videos and Photos of this very wonderful Place.

Next day, I climbed to a high-yak pasture at 14.5k+ with view of Jhhicu Dake Peak, and more… Then went back down to the Jomolhari Mountain Festivel, a very interesting event….It was 2 days and we saw much of it while we were in the Jomolhari.

Next few days, on trek up…. each successive day, we climbed a little higher to a pass and, descended to a camp in valley below at lower elevation. Each day, about 10:30 we were given juice and some snack. At approx noon to 12:30, hot lunch was served along the trail with hot tea, plates, knives, forks, spoons, napkins, everything…very special meal (several helpings) Each evening, our cook, Leki, prepared a delicious dinner. Each dinner was different from any prior nights’ dinner.

The last night on our trek, a campfire was built by porters and guides, very special for us to enjoy, big-Warm-campfire. Next morning, coals were still warm. We enjoyed, good campfire, good porters, good tents, good journey, beautiful scenery, good friendships, good hiking together, beautiful Bhutanese People, good togetherness + friendship, each person friends, good food, great guide, great cook.

Just to let you know a pleasant experience, Bhutan. Thanks

Best wishes, Thank You All… very much

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Lutz, Pov, Merv, Raoul