About Bhutan

About-BhutanBhutan is one of the last bastions of Tantric Mahayana Buddhism. And yet, it’s also the newest democracy in the world. The fourth King told his people that if Bhutan is to prosper and flourish, they must accept the new polity. So, in March 2008, Bhutan went to the polls to elect the first batch of parliamentarians under the new political structure. The country with a small population of less than 800,000 people is scattered over the mountains and across the valleys. And yes, they live in harmony with nature. The towering mountains and lush green hills are believed to be abodes of gods and Goddesses.

To a Bhutanese, every living being is as sacred and honorable as man. Visitors say Bhutan is a rare combination of modernity and value laden civilization, weaving an amazingly unique story. Bhutan is also one of the few countries who has escaped the yoke of colonization. In the year 2009, Bhutan pledged to remain a carbon neutral country for all times to come. It is willing to forgo rapid industrialization for the sake of emitting less and absorbing other countries carbon. This is why, Bhutan is ranked as one of the top ten Biodiversity hotspots in the world.

Bhutan quietly follows its unique and responsible way to progress. And yes, it is a popular tourist destination. Welcome to Bhutan!