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We are a Premier Bhutanese Tour Operator based in Thimphu, licensed and approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. An Active Member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO). Our company arranges a various tours to Bhutan like Cultural tours of Bhutan, walking tour in Bhutan and Festival tours. Besides we also arrange textile tours in Bhutan, Photography tour of Bhutan, Birding tour to Bhutan and many more.

With 70 % or more travelers who book Bhutan tour are on Cultural themes. Bhutan is among one of the top ten Bio diversity hotspots in the world with a rich Cultural Heritage. Bhutan has been able to embrace modernity without diluting its cultural identity and values. Our Tours to Bhutan range from a short 3 days to 17 days. On a typical Bhutan tour, you can visit quaint villages, majestic fortresses called the Dzongs, monasteries and temples, mountains sides dotted with prayer flags and many more.

Besides Bhutan tours mentioned above, we also organize Adventure tours to Bhutan like Rafting and Kayaking, Bhutan Trekking tours, Mountain biking tour etc. Our Bhutan tour programs are designed in a way to show you the best of Bhutan. Come and tour Bhutan with us and experience that “Happiness is a place”.

Our Best Bhutan Tour itineraries on Cultural themes.



3 Nights 4 Days Bhutan Tour

This 3 nights 4 day is a short tour in Bhutan covering Paro and Thimphu valley. The high lights of the trip are visit to the Iconic Tiger’s nest monastery. Paro Rimpung Dzong, the National Museum, Tamchog Monastery, Kichu the oldest monastery in Bhutan are the main monuments. In Thimphu, must visit sites are the Tallest statue of Sitting Buddha and the National Memorial chorten. Folk Heritage Museum, Tashi chho Dzong, the Royal Secretariat, School of Arts and Crafts remain most visited sites. Read More


4 Nights 5 Days Bhutan Tour

One of the short tours in Bhutan covering 3 districts of Paro and Thimphu and Punakha valley. If you do not wish to visit Punakha, then you can visit the Haa valley or Chelila pass. The high lights of this trip includes visit to Paro Rimpung Dzong, National Museum, Kichu and Tamchog Monastery. The hike to the Tiger’s Nest (Tiger’s Nest) is spectacular and rejuvenating. Other sites are Punakha Dzong, Chimi Lhakhang (Temple of Fertility), the Dochu la Pass with well arranged 108 Stupas. Read More

5 Nights 6 Days Bhutan Tour

This is one of the short Bhutan tours covering western Bhutan. The high lights of this Bhutan tour are hike to the Tiger’s Nest, a World Heritage site. Besides Drukgyal Dzong, The National Museum, Paro Rimpung Dzong are must visit. In Thimphu, you can visit the national Memorial Chorten built in the memory of Third King of Bhutan. The Taking Preserve center where you can see a unique animal species. The Tallest Statue of Sitting Buddha (51.5 meters) in the world. You can also walk across the Longest Suspension bridge in Bhutan. Read More


6 Nights 7 Days Bhutan Tour

The seven days Bhutan tour will take you as far as the most beautiful valley of Gangtey and Phobjikha. This valley borders the Black mountain National park to the west. The Phobjikha valley is the roosting ground for the Rare Black necked Cranes in winter. This is one of the most popular tours of Bhutan. You can visit to Gangtey Gompa Monastery started in 1613 by the first Peling Gyalsé Rinpoche. This is the only Ningmapa Monastery in western Bhutan. The highlights are visit to Pele la pass (3351 M) and the high lights in Paro, Thimphu and Punakha. Read More

7 Nights 8 Days Bhutan Tour

7 Nights 8 Days Bhutan Tour

This Tour of Bhutan is a combination of 5 western places in Bhutan. The tour combines visit to the beautiful glacial valley of Gangtey and Phobjikha. You can also visit the beautiful Chele La pass at an elevation of 3988 meters bordering Paro and Haa valley. The Chele La pass boasts of the highest motorable road in Bhutan. You can see beautiful view of the Himalayas Mountain ranges like Mt. Jumolhari bordering Tibet. You can also do a short hike at Dochula pass. There is a ancient nunnery just below this pass. Read More


8 Nights 9 Days Bhutan Tour

This Tour to Bhutan is a combination of Western and Central Bhutan. You have to cross over three beautiful passes with fluttering prayer flags as you travel from Thimphu to Bumthang. The views are simple stunning and you get immense opportunities to photograph the beautiful valleys. Trongsa is strategically located between eastern and western Bhutan so the First two Kings ruled Bhutan from Trongsa. This as a result controlled the trade between Eastern and Western Bhutan. The highlights of this Bhutan tour are visit to the Royal Museum and Trongsa Dzong or Fort and the “Burning lake”. Read More


9 Nights 10 Days Bhutan Tour

This is one of the most popular tours to Bhutan with the sightseeing combination of Western and Central Bhutan. Besides the sightseeing high lights of western Bhutan, you will visit Trongsa Dzong, the most impressive dzong of Bhutan. There are also other ancient monuments and temples to visit in Bumthang. Bumthang is also referred as the Switzerland on Bhutan because of its beauty. The valley is considered the Cultural hub of Bhutan. Many Saints and Scholars like Guru Rimpoche and Pema Lingpa have visited this valley in the past. Read More


10 Nights 11 Days Bhutan Tour

One of the most Popular Bhutan Tours covering seven valleys of Western and Central Bhutan. This Bhutan tour will cover major sightseeing places till Bumthang, the Cultural hub of Bhutan. Bumthang is famous for Kurjey Monastery where you can see the body print of Guru Rimpoche on a rock. The visit to Jambay Lhakhang, one of the oldest temple in Bhutan built in the 7th century. An annual festival is held at this temple in October where a sacred Fire dance is performed by the monks. Read More

Special Interests Tours in Bhutan



Honeymoon in Bhutan

Bhutan is so much blessed with abundant natural beauty, pristine environment, loving and smiling people. The Romantic hotspots are anywhere and every where. Yes, Bhutan is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who seek a perfect blend of exotic culture and tranquil nature. The highlight of the trip is visit to Chimi Lhakhang or the “Temple of Fertility” built in 1499 by Ngawang Cheogyal. This Temple stands on hillock as a witness of love and matrimony. We at Yak Holidays will ensure that you have a blissful honey moon. Read More

Gasa Hot Spring Tour

Sometimes, geological fissures allow water to percolate to the earth’s fiery insides. Often, this water, now warmed by geothermal heat, surfaces again in pools known as natural hot springs. The Himalayas, the youngest fold mountain range in the world, is dotted by a profusion of such springs. In Bhutan these are known as tsachus which means Hot Springs. The mineral-rich water is believed to heal a variety of diseases and ailments. Perhaps the best known tsachu is the one in Gasa.

Located a 15-minute walk from the nearest road, the Gasa Hot spring boasts three bathing houses with varying water temperatures. You could hence choose the one you’re most comfortable in. Although it is common practice to start at the coolest pool and then progressively move to the warmer ones. Be assured that animals in Bhutan, wild or domestic, haven’t learned how to open doors. So the bath houses remain free from contamination by them. Itinerary on request.

Itinerary on Request


Alpine Flower Tour

Bhutan is such a place where the altitude within a 100-kilometre radius can climb from a few hundred to over 7,000 metres. Or where over 70 percent of the area is covered by forests. The range of climates, habitats and biodiversity richness thus make a feast for a naturalist!

The Alpine flower tour in Bhutan generally takes between a week to 10 days depending on your choice. A trek that will cover a range of habitats between 200 to 5,000 metres above sea level.  Magnolias, rhododendrons and other spring flowers can be seen in spring. The ideal time for catching the Bhutan’s temperate and alpine flowers is May-June, as the rainy summer sets in. The Snow may fall on the high passes but not lie long. The sunny, clear periods, when encountered, afford arresting views, memories and pictures.

Itinerary on Request


Bird Watching Tour in Bhutan

Birds occupy an exalted position in the Bhutanese way of life. The broad range of climatic conditions and habitats in Bhutan offers breeding ground for over 650 different species of birds. The Black-necked Crane and the White-bellied Heron are among the rarest and most endangered in the world. The birds in Bhutan are less subjected than elsewhere to hunting, disturbance and destruction of habitat.

You will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else where you get to see as many diverse bird species of ospreys, waders, ducks as well as snow pigeons, rosefinches, accentors and various pheasants like the monal, satyr tragopan, khaleej and blood pheasant. You can also chance across minivets, sunbirds, barbets, cuckoos, yuhinas and warblers. High-altitude travelers, especially trekkers, may be lucky enough to spot the Himalayan griffon, lammergeyer or the raven although it’s more likely to they will see the yellow-billed magpie, the blue whistling thrush, choughs or other more common birds.

Itinerary on Request

Besides the above tours in Bhutan, we also organize Rafting, Kayaking, Golfing in Bhutan, Heli Sightseeing, Fly fishing trips, Mountain biking trips, Motor cycle tours and many other activities. We will send you the itinerary for the above activities on request only.

Some of our valued Clients



Vertex group (Italian) at Dochula Pass

Lee-Pei-Shan and-freinds-from-Singapore

Lee Pei Shan and freinds from Singapore


Mala from United Kingdom at Dochula


Spanish Actress, Pilar Macarena infront of Taktshang Monastery

My Bhutan Tour was well organized.

I went on a Bhutan tour for a 2-week experience in April 2015 and all the arrangements were done by YAK HOLIDAYS INT’L. I travel a lot, and I have never had a company be so prompt with replies – within 30 minutes mostly! – so effective with communication, so easy to pay, and with absolutely everything just running smoothly all the way. Mr Sithar and his staff are just on the ball! Bhakta was my very knowledgeable and patient guide, and Passang the calm and safe driver, and I never worried even over the worst roads. I stayed in lovely hotels, had too much lovely food, had amazing walks in the country and to temples, and took thousands of photos…. Bhutan is an amazing country to visit, and you need a well organized trip to get full value for your money.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending YAK HOLIDAYS INT’L to you. Travel to Bhutan with them..! They are 5-stars all the way!

My Tours to Bhutan from 1st to 9th April 2018.

My name is Shan, a friend of Stephanie during the trip in Bhutan from 1st to 9th April 2018. Firstly, I would like to give compliments on the tour guides assigned to us (kinga and Tashi). Both guides are very professional in conveying the amazing cultural of Bhutan.

Especially Tashi, our guide, who have spent 6 days with us. He was really careful in planning out our travelling route and try to show us as much activities/sites as possible. We are grateful that he has helped to planned out our meals according to our preference. He is really a very thoughtful guide. His explanation on Bhutan culture was also simply amazing, knowing every detail of places we visited. Personally, i really love the hikes that he planned too. Being a city kid, it is a really refreshing experience for me to hike in different area in Bhutan! I hope to go back one day.

Awesome Bhutan Tour.

I am grateful that you have assigned us an experience guide Kinga and driver kota. While on the mountain roads, I am able to see him carefully avoiding ALL the rocky areas and tries to ensure a smoother ride for us. There are really no lazy short cut moments from him at all. Apart from this, he is also helpful and careful in handling our luggages as well.
And of course, I am also happy to meet you, Mr Sithar! Thanks for having lunch with us and sharing your interesting stories! Thanks for your gift bags and informative book on Bhutan as well! Is a pity we do not have more time to chit chat! Please allow me to congratulate on your new life with your love one as well!

I had such a great time in Bhutan and it was really fantastic. I hope to go back again someday and of course through Yak Holidays International who are experienced and prompt in getting all documentations done.
Thank you once again and wishing you the best.

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